First, Project Rescue.
Then, Making Your Team Better Forever.

  • Build world class products
  • Improve your managers, processes and developers
  • Have a safe pair of hands through Mergers & Acquisitions

What's your biggest tech struggle?

Are you an accidental CTO?
Is it time to turn around a legacy project?
Are you in a M&A process that needs due diligence?
Is a key employee about to leave?
Do you want to hire fantastic talent?
Does tech make your brain hurt?
Work Smarter not Harder

Smart planning makes the product airtight, and the delivery predictable.

It's Your Dream Team

Your managers and developers will understand each other, doing their best work.

Happy Tech is Happy Customers

You can turn customer complaints into additional sales.

Case studies

Case study

CTO in the making

After building all their tech with outsource partners, the startup wanted to take control back in-house. Learn how we helped restructure the development team.

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Case study

AI upgrade for the marketing team

What can you actually use AI for? We've implemented a list of algorithms with this client's marketing team.

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Case study

Legacy system under heavy load

A 15-year-old website and booking system running Perl. How can we replace it while keeping the service running 24/7?

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Bunt Works With Companies Small and Large

Project Planning
Product- and Project Management
Strategic Planning and Implementation
Process Optimization
Organizational Design and Workforce Planning
Client & Stakeholder Management
KPI and Metrics Development
Customer and Competitive Research

What makes Bunt so different?

We are experienced in stepping into digital projects at the 11th hour, to get technology back on track. But we don't just stop there. We recognise that technology teams do far more than the tech. It is ultimately about people: they determine whether change is adopted or fails, and it is only through collaboration with each other, clients and partners, that changes can become lasting improvements.

Even more case studies

Case study

Fixing a cashier system crash

This fintech startup built an iPad based cashier system, and sold it half-baked to retail shops. Under load then, it crashed even during payment transactions.

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Case study

Transportation system abandoned

The local transportation authority of a USA state capital built a new website and apps to provide real-time travel information. It only got them sued.

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Case study

Startup on a plate

An investor group asked us to build a startup around a business opportunity. We did so, hired our own replacement, and then transferred back the company.

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As entrepreneur or consultant, Richard worked with household names as well as startups that you haven't (yet) heard of. Whether it's Orange, IBM, Vodafone, the UEFA Champions League – or your company, we're here to meet your challenge.

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